Shipping policy 

BBB Labs uses the following shippers for our Website orders:

  • For Domestic Shipping within 50 US states we use UPS

  • For International shipping we use DHL

We use special packaging to keep the products safe during shipping but let us know if you have any problems with the product after it arrives.  Please refrigerate our products after it arrives.For International orders, our shipping fees do not include custom fees and taxes that may be levied on the products at entry to the country to ship to and BBB LABS is not responsible for any such fees.  It is strictly the customer's responsibility to file necessary papers to import our products to your country and pay for import duties.

We do not ship products to the following countries due to shipping and return problems:

Afghanistan - Bahrain - Cyprus - Egypt - Dubai - India - Iran - Iraq - Israel - Jordan - Kuwait - Lebanon - Oman - Qatar - Palestine - Saudi Arabia - Syria - Turkey -United Arab Emirates - Yemen

FOr best results PLEASE REFRIGERATE UPON OPENING. We ship out products as soon as we can.  It usually takes 1 day for normal orders to be processed and shipped out. For any questions regarding shipping please contact us at (877) 763-4367